Web3 Ignite IGNITE3

Launch Date July 28, 2023


An investment of 1000$ IGNITE3 gives 5% APY Every week in BNB !🔥 Web3 Ignite - IGNITE3 is the Best Optimized, Highest Paid in BNB & Auto-Compounding Protocol, designed to prevent all of the aforementioned factors from becoming the usual trace of circumstances that leads to price declines. IGNITE3 is backed by its own real-time automatic cutting-edge AI algorithm powered by OpenAI. Backed by Trust Fund . Listing price = 450 IGNITE3 Presale price = 1000 IGNITE3 Private sale = completed and filled 1200 BNB It's 2.5x at listing price . Participate to Presale before it's too late .
Binance Smart Chain 0xe2bEed17b9Ce18D34e271e392a5224CD53FED3Ba

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Price : 0.000149872
Market Cap : $14,987
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