Launch Date May 30, 2023


ACE Poker is a new poker game, integrated with blockchain technology, allowing players to experience fair, transparent, and secure gameplay. This project also comes with a token and operates on the Arbitrum network, creating a complete ecosystem for players. Integrating blockchain into poker games helps ensure that all transactions on the platform are fair and transparent. Players can view transactions stored on the blockchain and check the integrity of the game. This helps enhance player trust and attract more players to join. ACE Poker also comes with a token, allowing players to exchange for value and hold it in their wallet. The token can also be used to place bets and participate in special events. This creates a complete ecosystem for the game and provides players with many opportunities to increase the value of their assets. ACE Poker operates on the Arbitrum network, which speeds up and improves the efficiency of the game. Players can experience smooth gameplay without being disrupted by technical issues.
Price :
Market Cap : $0