Lords coin LC

Launch Date January 14, 2023


LORDS COIN is a polygon blockchain-based crypto currency that also serves as a strong foundation for a myriad of decentralized infrastructures, consisting of investment solutions. There are currently four projects associated with LORDS COIN which are as follows: • Wallet • KYC free Payment card • Blockchain • Exchange On the POLYGON blockchain network, LORDS COIN functions as a utility token as well as an asset token for this decentralized network. OUR MISSION WORLDS FIRST KYC FREE DEFI PAYMENT CARD Conversion of cryptocurrency is a lasting and painful process. You have to register on an exchange, bypass long KYC (Know Your Customer) and verification procedures, create orders and wait for their execution. There’s no need to waste your time anymore! Now you don’t have to register on currency exchanges - Lords DeFi performs the conversion automatically. We use Pound £ as the primary currency and you can also withdraw cash from different ATM’s in any local currency all over the world. The conversion is automatic, seamless and you don’t have to face substantial losses because of ever-changing rates. It’s fast, efficient and inexpensive. With a Lords DeFi debit card, you don’t have to waste your time or money on conversions and related fees. Whenever you make a purchase, your balance is automatically converted into the necessary currency. No middlemen or exchanges, you have access to global fiat currencies at your fingertips. LORDS Debit Card will work with only Wallet ID without registration of any personal details. Lords DeFI debit card will be connected to your crypto DeFI Wallet. We are planning to get rid of long KYC registration process. Person can register to our Lords crypto DeFI wallet with only key words and access LORDS DeFI debit card. Only needs address of person to deliver Lords DeFi debit card. A plastic cryptocurrency card works the same way as a regular debit and credit card: it can be used with compatible ATM’s and in stores for cashless payments. However, instead of drawing money from a bank account, it accesses a cryptocurrency DeFI wallet. The process is quite simple. We also have planning to start our own Lords blockchain with very low gas fees and own crypto exchange later next year. LORDS COIN will stay base crypto currency of LORDS blockchain. Our Lords crypto exchange will list all coins with only trustable background so investor will not get risk of frauds. We are in process to acquire insurance on each coins listed on our Lords crypto exchange so if any case of any coin collapse or filing bankruptcy then insurance can cover all payments of investors
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