sosharu networks SNS

Launch Date October 23, 2022


Sosharu network is a social media marketing panel service build on web3 ⚜️ p2p real follower marketplace ⚜️ p2p freelancer / community service marketplace ⚜️ wallet service ⚜️ merch store ⚜️ nft store - our goal are to build real world utility token and to provide secure transaction for marketing service such as ama , hiring mod , etc. sns token will also be used as main currencies in our international trading for our coffee commodity between countries. ✅safu ✅ audited ✅ KYC ✅ 0% tax buy 2.5% tax sell
Binance Smart Chain 0x90AF4Db753998d3a2ba69D56ff39B18ee0adeF97

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Price : 0.000000001
Market Cap : $3,147
Not Honeypot ✅
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