Elon's Pet Rats EPR

Launch Date September 04, 2022


Elon's pet rats are loveable naked mole rats that will fill your hearts with joy and laughter with our hilarious MEMES! They are the ugliest and most cutest things you'll ever see! We are literally the definition of a meme coin. Our goal is to make ELON'S PET RATS the most popular meme token in the space. Let's taking it back to the early days of BSC and moon. WE ARE A MEME COMMUNITY ft. ELON MUSKs NEW PET UGLY MOLE RATS THAT WILL TAKE YOU TO THE MARS!
Binance Smart Chain 0xd0F238CA2e374dDFfa3474a1Fc183168070489BB

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Price : 0.000000048
Market Cap : $480
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