EgonSwap EGON

Launch Date September 23, 2021


Eagle Network is a community-driven decentralized crypto project designed for community growth and powered by over 3 million community members currently. Eagle Network is presently using Binance Smart Chain blockchain to offer Egon token. According to Eagle Network Roadmap from phase 4 (Late 2022) Eagle Network will create and release it very own original blockchain called EgonCoin Blockchain. The release of the EgonCoin Blockchain will upgrade the Eagle Network project into a full fledged viable solution providing blockchain platform like Binance Smart Chain, Solana, Polygon, Vechain, etc. EgonCoin Blockchain will be maintained and managed by EgonChain Foundation, a non profit organization.
Binance Smart Chain 0x05995a068bdac17c582eC75AB46bb8e7394be1d9

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Price : 0.013480071
Market Cap : $693,730
Not Honeypot ✅
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Nitesh Malviya

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nice project good project and very good project

Mbah Romy

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EGON has a nice project for the future 👌🏽🥰


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