GainJuice GJUICE

Launch Date March 05, 2022


GainJuice is an AutoRewards token that gives there investor 8% in RPG rewards on every transaction buy or sell. Gainjuice will be an ECO system that will allow you to earn passive income to your wallet Automatically for holding. This could essentially be your own gas station for paying gas fees for your P2E games, compounding/Harvesting or even your fix for cute meme tokens you want to purchase. GainJuice will launch its own simplified Defi swap so you can convert between assets. GainJuice Aims to be the main juice token for the Minerverse creation What is the Minerverse you ask? Well the Minerverse is different sized plot land that you can purchase to not only build on but to collect different NFT parts to build your very own miner and start generating digital currency. This will be a NFT world with P2E games that we will be running on the Rangers Protocol.
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Market Cap : $6,155
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