MetaYieldCapital MYC

Launch Date January 19, 2022


MetaYieldCapital: The New Standard in DAOs $MYC aims to acquire profit-generating assets focusing on different levels of the metaverse and acquiring a large proportion of assets within the metaverse to generate returns on the treasury investments and redistribute them to the holders accordingly. Treasury transactions will be shared with all the holders updating them on the progress and the advancement of the funds in the treasury. The team is focusing on growing the treasury and building our own platform for staking. The benefits of owning $MYC tokens are : -Benefiting from the surge and increase in the price of the token -Receiving rewards for holding: when the platform finishes holders will be able to stake their own tokens and earn even more returns on their tokens -The treasury's steady growth will be redistributed as profits and injected into the contract.
Binance Smart Chain 0x0a78762c0f6956976b860f929f86f66358dcdd7d

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Price : 0.000000024
Market Cap : $134
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