Inning accordance with regional sources, the federal government of Venezuela is arranged to introduce an online computer registry for Bitcoin miners by Dec. 22. All Bitcoin miners in the nation will be needed to register. The windows registry is the primary step in the advancement of a complete legal structure to tax and control cryptocurrency mining in the nation.

Supporters of the choice argue that it will safeguard cryptocurrency miners in the nation. Angel Salazar, a member of an advisory commission assisting the Venezuelan federal government execute cryptocurrency policies, mentioned:

” Miners are working under tough conditions and formalizing the structure through this computer registry will assist secure them from extortion and harassment.”

At a current interview, the freshly selected Superintendent of Venezuelan Cryptocurrency, Carlos Vargas declared that the federal government is developing the computer registry to recognize and keep an eye on Bitcoin mining more carefully, ominously specifying:

” We need to know who they are, we wish to know where they are, we wish to know exactly what devices they are utilizing.”

  • Cryptocurrency mining

Cryptocurrency mining has actually acquired appeal in Venezuela in the previous couple of months, as it supplies rewarding work for both bad and abundant Venezuelans who are impacted by the continuous monetary crisis in the nation, marked by extensive run-away inflation.

Cryptocurrency mining isn’t really technically unlawful in Venezuela, regional authorities have actually been jailing miners considering that early 2016, charging them with electrical power theft, exchange scams, cybercrime, and funding terrorism. Extortion is likewise a major issue with the authorities– miners are in some cases asked to pay security cash in exchange for their charges being dropped.

Most just recently, throughout a raid in Lara on Dec. 9, authorities seized 21 mining rigs and jailed the 31-year-old who owned them.

The miner was accused of computer system criminal activities, exchange scams, funding terrorism, damage to the nationwide electrical system and cash laundering.

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