Russia’s Federal Agency for Tourism head, Oleg Safonov, has declared that Blockchain technology has the capacity to revamp the country’s tourism market. He additionally specified that the industry is on the edge of makeover from new arising innovations like Blockchain.


In his discourse at the Kazan Tourism Forum 2017 in early November, Safonov stated that Blockchain may be used to strengthen the grade of services offered to travelers. He stated that by employing the arising innovations, vacationers will have the ability to operate straight with organization and will remove the necessity for minor parties or middlemans.

” We are positively persuaded in our national agency that Blockchain will genuinely transform the tourism industry, even though, in our point of view, it will occur not in two years but 5 to 10 years. This generates the product much better in excellence, less pricey as well as enhances the provider’s accountability for the offering.”

  • Russian status on Blockchain and crypto

The govt of Russia has displayed diverse viewpoints on Blockchain and virtual coins.

The government has embraced a mindful attitude about virtual currency investing ventures in the country. The government has generally shown a positive view on Blockchain technology as a state-owned bank is actually eyeing Ethereum integration.

In October 2017, the government revealed its strategies to accelerate a pilot task to include Blockchain into its land registry system in early 2018. Based upon the draft settlement circulated by the Ministry of Economic Development back then, the use of the technology is meant to boost the availability of data on the country’s property registry.

” The use of Blockchain will be targeted at improving the availability of information on the property registry, assurances of safeguards of property rights, in addition to the level of citizens’ faith in the sphere of earnings of real estate.”

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