The supervisor of Old Mutual Gold & Silver Fund, a rare-earth elements fund with over $220 mln under control has actually stated Bitcoin is “leading the way” for a worldwide gold resurgence.


Speaking with Bloomberg in an interview released today, Ned Naylor-Leyland stated that the marital relationship of Bitcoin and gold was basically a rational one offered the attributes and remit of both.

” Bitcoin was clearly developed to be digital gold,” he stated.

” So if you’re going to have a little percentage of a fund in Bitcoin, it must remain in a gold fund since that’s precisely the point.”

The fund, which started in April this year, is intending to designate as much as 5 percent to cryptocurrency, creaming off make money from price upticks to reinvest back into gold and silver.

Naylor-Leyland is extremely bullish on the principle moving forward, echoing CME Group’s Chairman Emeritus Leo Melamed in his desire to bring discipline to the scene for investors.

” It’s about bringing the ownership of disciplined loan into the contemporary world,” he continued. “Bitcoin is leading the way for the reintroduction of gold as worldwide loan.”

Not everybody in the broader gold market is as pleased with the status quo. Going over a drop in earnings, BullionVault Research Director Adrian Ash stated previously this month that Bitcoin “sound” was “disruptive” some investors and resulting in gold being sidelined.

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