Electroneum, a cryptocurrency start-up that provides an app that can be utilized on mobile phones to mine digital currency, has actually come under a huge ddos attack after it raised $40 mln in its ICO.


The UK-Based business was struck by a DDoS attack – Distributed rejection of service – which has actually locked out investors from accessing their accounts. This has actually caused the business being required to postpone their complete launch of their mobile mining app.

  • DDoS lockdown

The DDoS attack, which has actually ended up being the preferred kind for cybercriminals planning to interfere with a lot of these high flying ICOs, includes a range of jeopardized computer systems all focused on accessing one website.

This Botnet, as it is understood, floods the site’s servers and spams it with excessive traffic for it to deal with. Genuine traffic is not able to obtain through, and it ends up being even more vulnerable to hacking.

Electroneum has actually as such locked down their accounts as they declare there are over 140,000 individuals who won tokens from the ICO. In this time it is attempting to remove the attack and bring its network back online.

  • Backing the incorrect horse

Maybe Electroneum set about punting all of it incorrect, as they have now end up being a soft target. Moreso, they had football supervisor Harry Redknapp tweeting about its possibilities.

Redknapp stated he didn’t understand the best ways to work a computer system, had actually never ever become aware of e-mail and had actually never ever sent out a text.

Possibly the hackers saw a chance in handling an ICO that had actually achieved success however had its weak points in regards to security. Some of the users have actually currently asked concerns.

  • ‘ Where’s the security?’

One user locked out of their account grumbled on Facebook: “The concern needs to be asked … why didn’t they do all this screening prior to the launch?”

Another stated: “With $40 mln in the bank you must have the ability to employ and arrange this quicker. This need to all have actually been done prior to applying/listing on the exchange.”

A declaration on Electroneum site stated: “We are extremely sorry for the continued hold-up and comprehend your disappointment. We are working as tough as is humanly possible to finish the works and get everybody live so we can proceed with the next (amazing) phase of the advancement of Electroneum.”

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