BLOCKCHAIN is a long-term commitment !

BLOCKCHAIN is a long-term commitment !

The point here is NOT making a bet on Bitcoin being 10% higher a week from now. We’re making a bet on blockchain changing the world.

We’re making a bet we’ll move away from energy-wasting proof of work; that we’re going to utilize the world’s idle computing power for the good of humankind.

We’re making a bet that we’re spreading financial instruments to African villages a hundred miles from the nearest bank. We’re betting on smarter self-driving cars for our children, on the ownership of our digital lives, on new medical discoveries, on an internet that’s bending and morphing into something we don’t completely understand.

We’re betting on people — people whose names we don’t know, and the ones we do — the Vitalik Buterins, with their broomstick arms and their visions of a world very different from the one we’re breathing in right now.

But maybe you’re feeling fearful? Go ahead. Spread FUD. Be fearful. Listen to MEDIA !

Even better, Hit the sell button and cash in for some fiat paper. Wait three days until those dollars end up in your money market account where you’ll earn 1.4% … that’s close but not quite enough to keep up with inflation.

*WE will not sell instead*

We’re making a bet that blockchain is bigger than big business, bigger than banks, and the government and their ability to put rules in leather-bound books.

It comes down to this:
who’s truly going to change the world?
White-haired bankers?
Wall Street sharks?

Or the misfits and the rebels with their middle fingers in the air?

THE FUTURE IS OUT THERE and we will walk ahead of our brothers and sisters to find it. Then, we’ll turn around and pull them forward, too.

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